Boone Hall Plantation

Day Trip with Kids

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Senufo Mud Painting

Art Project for Kids

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Circle Unbroken Children’s Book

and Gullah Traditions and Heritage

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Easter “Cascarones” With a Twist

Cascarones (confetti-filled egg shells) are just that! Egg shells filled with confetti or other treats. This is a very popular tradition in Mexico.

Kid Friendly Piña Colada from Puerto Rico

If there’s something that I love and crave often is Puerto Rico’s official beverage: piña colada (without the rum!) Of course, the piña colada is a cocktail that has rum in it, but I make it without!

All About Me {Free Spanish Printable}

This is a great activity to do with kids anytime during the year.  I’m always looking to focus more on Spanish activities with my son.  An on-line search for an “All About Me” Spanish printable proved to be unsuccessful!

How a Trip to the Playground Turned Into a Lesson on Empathy, Kindness, and Gratitude

Raising a child who’s compassionate and kind is our responsibility. One that I take to heart, and that means a lot to me.Ever since our son was 2 years old we’ve collected food for shelters, packed shoe boxes for +Operation Christmas Child, donated toys for tots, and clothes with his help.

Children’s Book about Puerto Rico

When my child was born 8 years ago, I had a goal in mind: to find as many children’s book about Puerto Rico so I can share with him.  Little by little, I started  building up my child’s home library.

A Free Anti-Bullying Resource for Parents and Teachers: We Are All Created Equal

I have been struggling with the dark cloud that has been overcast on our country during this past year. I was also deeply disturbed with the election fiasco, and all of the  negativity in social media.  I needed to take a step back, disconnect and regroup.