The Talk

The conversation that we are dreading

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Cultural Playdate: “Celebrating 中國新年 (Chinese New Year)

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Circle Unbroken Children’s Book

and Gullah Traditions and Heritage

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Black History Month Children’s Books

To celebrate Black History Month this year I’ve compiled a list of children’s book to read throughout this month. Some of these books we own, others we checked out at our local library.  Below you’ll read about the underground railroad, a march during the Civil Rights Movement, and a mule at Gee’s Bend, the biography of Sun Ra, a beautiful and touching story of a slave family, an empowering book for girls, and the story of a little girl, and her new shoes.

Learning About Black History Month in Spanish

As a parent it is my responsibility to teach my son about his Black, and Latin heritage. I remember my first post on embracing your roots and culture, and it’s directed to him so he can learn to appreciate the beauty and richness of both his cultures.  Although he’s still too young to understand  that particular post or even his grandmother’s interview I feel that I’ve already sowed the seeds of heritage in his little mind.

Chinese New Year Kid’s Culture Party

Chinese New Year is celebration that goes on for fifteen days!  We celebrated by hosting a kids culture party! Two years ago I had the pleasure of bringing a Chinese student into our home for our Chinese New Year cultural play date.

Easy Guava Cheesecake Recipe

Nothing screams more to me “Puerto Rico” than taking a bite of this creamy and oh so delicious guava cheesecake! Savoring a bite of guava cheesecake reminds me of my days working in a restaurant that sold the famous “cheesecakes de guayaba.” Such fond memories!

Immersion Travel: Finding Books in Your Target Language

If there was one thing on my “to do list” in Puerto Rico that I had “to do” no matter what was to buy books in Spanish. Sure, you can buy books on-line; but truth be told there is nothing like walking into a book store to buy books! Little man, and I had a great time looking through all of the selection of Spanish books.

A Free Anti-Bullying Resource for Parents and Teachers: We Are All Created Equal

I have been struggling with the dark cloud that has been overcast on our country during this past year. I was also deeply disturbed with the election fiasco, and all of the negativity in social media. I needed to take a step back, disconnect and regroup.