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Notable Hispanics: A Hispanic Heritage Month Series for Kids

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Every year as summer comes to a close, I start looking forward to Hispanic Heritage Month celebrated from September 15th through October 15th.  This year, I’m thrilled to introduce a new series:  “Notable Hispanics: A Hispanic Heritage Month Series for Kids.” 


Each Monday, I will be featuring a notable Hispanic, his or her contributions, a book recommendation and a fun extension activity. 


This will be an on-going series here on Discovering the World Through My Son’s Eyes during Hispanic Heritage Month.  This month we’ll be introducing: 

José Martí

José Campeche

Gabriela Mistral

Julia de Burgos

As the month goes by I’ll be updating the links with the actual post. So make sure to pin or bookmark this post. 

Five Easy Ways to Celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month


Hispanic Heritage Month is about celebrating the history and culture of Hispanic and Latino Americans. For the past couple of  years we have been celebrating it at little one’s school and community.  If your school and/or community doesn’t celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month why not bring it to them?   Celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month will teach the children about cultural awareness and diversity.

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Celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month

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For the third year in a row, I have been celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month with friends, and with our community.
We are mid-month through Hispanic Heritage Month so you can still plan a party or a community event before October 15.  
Don’t know where to start? Well, have I got news for you!  I’m thrilled to share some ideas on how to get your party started  over at Mommy Maestra!   Click here:  How to Host a Children’s Hispanic Heritage Month Party

Sharing Our Hispanic Heritage: Ideas for the Classroom & Community


Hispanic Heritage Month is the perfect time for us as a familia to share our Hispanic heritage with little one’s friends at school, and with our community.

Although Latinos are the second largest, and fastest growing minority group in the United States in our small Southern community we don’t have a large Latino presence.  This is our opportunity to educate others on the beauty and richness of our heritage so they too can embrace diversity.  This is significantly important due to all  the negative media towards Latinos that we are seeing daily.
Monica from Mommy Maestra sums it up on her post on  Why We Need Hispanic Heritage Month:

“Hispanic Heritage Month is a vitally important observance for the United States, perhaps now more than ever. According to the U.S. Census, there are 53 million Hispanics in the country. And yet every day media reports show an increasing hostility toward Hispanic immigrants and Spanish-speaking families as they are used for political platforms, promoting stereotypes and ignorant backlash.” 

Therefore, we need to continue to instill pride in our bilingual and multicultural child. Particularly since we live in a community where Latinos are far and few.
In little one’s classroom, he only has one Hispanic friend.  She too, is bilingual and her parents are from Mexico. Since they are the only two Latino and bicultural children in their classroom.  I approached her Mom so her daughter can participate in a special presentation activity on sharing their heritage.   I thought it’d be cool for them to do it together! The activity includes: reading a book, talking about where their family comes from, and gifting their classmates with a mini-piñata.

Children’s Book 

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