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Gift Ideas your Latino Kids will Love

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There’s something for all! From little ones, teens and to your older kids have them show off their Latino pride with these gifts that they will love.

Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate links. If you make a purchase I’ll receive a small monetary compensation. Thanks!


What girl wouldn’t love a pair of concha earrings? Get yours (or your kid’s) here from Candy’s Kloset.

How about a bilingual case that can be used as a pencil case? Or a make-up bag for us mamás 🙂 Get yours here from Anda Pa’l.

For the older girls, this necklace should be a hit! I want one too! Get yours from Hija de tu Madre here.


For the tamale or taco loving kiddo! You can get your tees here from Boo Boo Ropa.

Little ones can totally embrace their girl power with these tees from Spanglish Threadz. Get yours here.

How about celebrating your kid’s bicultural identity? Get yours here.

Love this tee for our code-switching bilingual kids. Get yours here.

♫♫Despacito♫♫ from Luis Fonsi and Daddy Yankee is a hit but I bet this shirt from Mama Tortuga will even be a bigger hit with your kids! Get yours here.

Book subscription

For the Latino book worms in your home, a Booklandia subscription is an ideal gift. Get yours here.


Have your kids write in their very own heritage journals. Mommy Maestra’s heritage journals are a hit with kids. Get yours here: Mexican, Puerto Rican, Cuban, Spanish and a multicultural version too!

How cute are these pencils from Rowdy Corazón. Get yours here.


You can never go wrong with games!!!

Cabezoodos Dóminos

Loteria Mexicana Family Board Game

Lil’ Loteria: A Lil’ Libros Bilingual Bingo GameFotorama

El Original Turista Mundial Juego de Mesa [Global Economy Board Game]

Spanish Bananagrams

Kloo Madrid p

Bilingual Zingo

Turista Mexicano

Bori-Mex Bingo!

Don Clemente Serpientes Y Escaleras Authentic Mexican Game

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How to Organize a Multicultural Event or Party for Kids

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Have you ever thought of planning your own multicultural event or party for kids?    Well, this is your your lucky day! I’m thrilled to share with you how to organize an event in five easy steps at All Done Monkey.

Click on the link or on the image below.
See you at All Done Monkey!
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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Party

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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles is all the rave right now, and House Party has teamed up with Betty Crocker for a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles™ Oat Crisps Party.   For this House Party event I combined it with my friend’s son’s birthday and had a two in one party!

With a free party pack in hand (read disclosure at the end of this post) to include, masks, posters, plates, cups, napkins, and the yummy oat crisps pouches it was time to plan a party!  My friend supplied the birthday cake,  drinks, and of course her place to host. I took care of the rest.

On the day of the party, I set-up a table setting for each child with the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles™ Oat Crisps and gummy candy in a treat bags, the masks, the plates, cups and napkins.  In the center of the table I had a tray with the TMNT apple snacks

Of course, we also had some yummy cake, too! Can’t forget the birthday boy!  
As an activity I had the kids make their very own toxic ooze, and I and they put the ooze in plastic eggs that I labeled with the words: “Toxic Ooze”.  The kids had a blast making these. Their reaction when they saw the ooze (slime) was priceless! 

After they had fun making the toxic ooze they washed their hands, and were ready to eat! They had apple snacks, cake, snow cones; and they enjoyed the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles™ Oat Crisps Party.  Any child who loves cinnamon graham crackers will love the  TMNT oat crisps!  They are not too sweet, and have a hint of cinnamon. However, I found them a bit hard to bite. The kid’s on the other hand didn’t complain about it.  I’m excited about this new snack alternative for my child. 

Looking for more party ideas? Take a look at the wonderful ideas from these amazingly creative bloggers:

From Wonder How To:  Teenage Ninja Mutant Turtle Toxic Ooze (The recipe for the ooze was from here). 
From Crafts on Sea:  Teenage Ninja Mutant Turtle Paper Plate Craft
From Mom and Crafters:  Teenage Ninja Mutant Turtle Snacks (This where I got the snack apple idea). 
From Twicthetts:    Teenage Ninja Mutant Turtle Party Activity
From There’s Just One Mommy:   Teenage Ninja Mutant Turtle Seashells
From Danya Banya:  Teenage Ninja Mutant Turtle Birthday Card

From Bento Lunch:
Teenage Ninja Mutant Turtle Bento Lunch
Teenage Ninja Mutant Turtle Cupcakes

From the Joys of Boys:
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Pancakes
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Birthday Party Ideas
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Masks
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Ornaments

From Little Bins for Little Hands:
Ninja Turtle Slimes (I used her idea for the eggs). 
So you’re probably asking what is House Party? House Party gives us the opportunity to try out for free, products or services from sponsored brands. Their goal is for you to share with your friends their products by hosting a party in your home. They provide the freebies, and you take care of the rest! With that being said, this is a sponsored post. I am not required to write a blog post. However, per the House Party agreement I have to disclose that I received the party pack for free, and I have to complete various activities: such as, share on social media, share pictures of the party, and a group picture, and review the product.
In the party pack I received:
12 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles™ Oat Crisps pouches
11 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles™ posters 
11 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles™ napkins 
11 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles™ cups 
11 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles™ party masks 
11 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles™ plate

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Family, Traditions, and a First Communion Celebration

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This past weekend little one celebrated his First Holy Communion.  The ceremony at church was beautiful and afterwards we celebrated with family and friends with a party.

A lot of planning went into this party. I wanted it to be special.  Especially since we didn’t have a big celebration for our son’s baptism.

Coming from a large Latin family,  baptisms and first communions are a big deal.  I remember growing up all of my siblings, and cousins had parties to celebrate our 1st Communion. Some have small parties, others go big. Same goes with baptism. It’s a celebration party with family, extended family and friends. I don’t think it’s just Puerto Ricans but Catholic Latinos in general.  In the U.S. the parties are very popular up North, and some other regions but not so much down South (my neck of the woods). 

In Puerto Rico, the tradition of celebrating with a party afterwards is slowly dying as not too many people have one. I for one, wanted to go all out because we couldn’t celebrate our son’s baptism the way I wanted to.   One of my friends catered the food. We had barbecue ribs, chicken, rice, gravy, string beans, baked beans, and rolls.  Served with sweet tea or lemonade, yes I know very Southern! 

Each table had a pineapple centerpiece with ham, cheese, candy, grapes, tomatoes, and olives served on a platter with vanilla cookies, and crackers.  

I also had a photo booth area set-up with photo props, crazy hats, and a large Instagram cut-out for the guests to have fun.  For the kids we had the performer Sarah Dippity!  She was hilarious, and very entertaining! 
I celebrated big with a few family members, and my friends whom are my family now. Yes, family not because we’re bound by blood but because of friendship. These ladies and their families are simply amazing. Our children are friends, and it has been exciting to watch them grow together, make memories, and long-lasting friendships.  
For me it was truly a blessing to share this special day with loved ones from afar and close. I wouldn’t have had it any other way.  For more ideas check out my First Communion Board on Pinterest:

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Minions Movie Birthday Party

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Little one had a grand time during his 7th birthday celebration!  Last year we went all out with a Survivor birthday party. This year, I didn’t have the time or energy to plan another one like that. 

Luckily for us, Minions was set to release a week before his birthday.  So we went with a Minions movie birthday party.  We reserved the party room at the movie theater, and had a super time!  Of course, lots of the party favors, and such were not my ideas. Why try to invent the wheel when someone already has!  So I’ll be sharing the links of the masterminds behind the ideas that I shared during the party. 🙂

Each child received their very own personalized Minion movie ticket by snail mail with a note like this: 

Hello Minions!

You’re invited to celebrate Little One’s Movie Star Birthday Party at the movie theater at 1:00 p.m.  Join us to sing happy birthday, and have a good time! Kids will make their own Minion finger puppets, and a light lunch will be served. Following the party each Minion will receive a VIP Access* to  watch the movie and a cool kids movie pack (popcorn,drink & fruit snack).  

Can’t wait to see you!

*VIP access does not include parent’s movie tickets they can be purchased at the ticket booth.  

At their arrival they were handed their very own Minion hats  to wear.  Before the movie, the kids were busy making their very own Minion finger puppets.  I had a clear plastic bowls with glove finger tips cut, and black markers for them to get creative.  Click on the picture below so you can get the free printable! 
We also served a light lunch, because the kids would be getting their own kid’s pack. After the party was over we all came back to the party room, opened the gifts, and little one handed his guests the party favor Minion plastic eggs. (I bought the eggs during Easter clearance! Yay me! Then filled with banana shaped candy.)
All in all, it was a great party! The kids looked adorable marching into the movie theater with their Minion hats, and sitting in the reserved area.   

A photo posted by Frances (@dtwtmse_frances) on

A photo posted by Frances (@dtwtmse_frances) on

A photo posted by Frances (@dtwtmse_frances) on

A photo posted by Frances (@dtwtmse_frances) on

A photo posted by Frances (@dtwtmse_frances) on
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Birthday Celebrations from Around the World


July is little one’s birthday month! I can’t believe he’ll be turning 7 yrs. old! To celebrate such a milestone, I want to take him, and my readers on a virtual trip to look at birthday celebrations from around the world.  We’ll take a look at how moms like you and me celebrate their children’s birthdays with birthday cakes, traditions, themed parties, invites, and so much more!

Theme parties, cakes, and piñatas… 

Do you have a Disney fan in your house?  Diana from Ladydeelg shares some wonderful tips on throwing a fun and affordable Mickey Mouse birthday party with some Spanish words scattered here and there! Carrie from Crafty Moms Share offers some great Minnie Mouse ideas for the party food, and activities, and a cool Frozen theme party!

How about a cool party with a smoking volcano! Like the volcanoes from Costa Rica? Yes, you read that right. Leanna from All Done Monkey has gone all out for her volcano loving little monkey with a volcano party!

Jody from Mud Hut Mama has a safari birthday for her daughter, and a go wild and make your own dung activity! And for those that like the jungle and safari adventures like the hit TV show Survivor celebrate a Survivor theme party for them! 
There is nothing more adorable than having a beloved French-English children’s book characters as the theme for a little one’s birthday party! Maria from Trilingual Mama even shares her son’s birthday themed party in both French and English.  
A Harry Potter fan will love a Harry Potter sleepover birthday party. A Crafty Arab, who is a very crafty momma set-up tons of craft activities for her daughter’s birthday from an invisible cloak to having the girls make their own Gringotts Galleons and Snitches.
For your teenage girls a Violetta themed party will be a surefire hit! This is such a fun party to host and you can get all the details from Trilingual Mama.
I don’t know about you, but I love, love putting together theme parties! They are truly so much fun!  Now let’s talk about cakes!

All of the cakes featured in this collage can be found in this post. 

Ilze from Let the Journey Begin baked a toddler-friendly version of a German Gugelhupf birthday carrot cake, meanwhile Amanda in the Netherlands made this cool super minions birthday cake for her son! 

Take a look at Mud Hut Mama’s do-it-yourself gruffalo and leopard piñata.   Inspired by her awesome piñata little one and I made one too! Here’s our rabbit piñata.  Maria from Trilingual Mama shares an adorable piñata in France, and she has so many more! A pretty pink piñata, a Ferrari piñata, Hello Kitty and doll piñata!   As a multicultural mamá in France she offers 5 easy steps to throw a child’s Mexican birthday party in France with piñata an all!  

Around the world… we’re flying to Germany, France, Brazil, Korea and the Netherlands!

Jill from Moms Gone Global celebrated her son’s 7th birthday with multiple celebrations, and a cool post on how birthdays are celebrated around the world.  
Crazy Little Family Adventure blogs about her South American family celebrating their son’s 5th birthday in five languages in South East Asia. Now that’s a handful there!  La Cité de Vents also celebrates her son’s 5th birthday with a special breakfast of “crêpes” with his friends at school,  and a celebration with the family in the evening. 

Other than inviting kids over to my son’s party I really didn’t give much thought about birthday etiquette.  However, Annabelle from The Piri Piri Lexicon celebrates her daughter’s first German party and shares some really important German party etiquette that I would have never thought of. 

How do you end a Dutch birthday tradition? Amanda from a Life with a Double Buggy refuses to subject her children to a Dutch tradition by breaking the dutch birthday circle.  Now don’t despair she doesn’t completely do with out Dutch birthday traditions. She does participate in the not so scary Dutch tradition of the traktatie.  
I think of Brazil and I think of carnivals, music and fiesta! So speaking of fiesta, Brynn of Brazil asks her Brazilian friends to explain their beautiful and elaborate kid’s birthday party on this fun post in which she talks about guns (yeah guns!) and shares her birthday party experiences in Brazil. Hilarious!  

Becky from Kid World Citizen has a guest post on an adorable little one’s first Korean birthday, and how his Mom plans incorporates his Korean culture with the American one.

Becky from Rue Du Belverde shares the excitement of being invited to a French birthday party!  Not sure what to expect they left the party feeling content, and with an overload of Nutella!  

First birthdays, traditions, and more…

Speaking of first birthdays let’s take a look at All Done Monkey’s first birthday party ideas, and a monkey smash cake for baby’s first birthday or at La Cité de Vents five ideas for original first birthday; and Finding Dutchland’s Dutch, American and Filipino first birthday.
Want to make your child’s birthday memorable? How about making a birthday time capsule? Or a train birthday countdown?  You can also make a cardboard rocket ship!  Letting your child help in making his or her birthday invites is something that they’ll cherish and remember, and let’s not forget the thank you cards.

Olga from The European Mama shares with us, “In some countries, namedays are celebrated instead of birthdays (or on top of birthdays). For example, my nameday is July 11th (there are several dates for every name). In the Netherlands, kids and adults both sit in a circle- this is referred to as “circle party”. And when guests arrive, they have to congratulate and shake hands with everyone, not only the birthday child!” 

Varya from Creative World of Varya shares with us a childhood birthday tradition, “When I was growing up, on birthday morning my parents would hide a gift near or under my bed and wake me up with birthday wishes. We would celebrate on the weekend that birthday falls on or if it doesnt fall on the weekend – the closest weekend. Mom would bake own cake (I loved Napoleon and she always made it for me) , cook and I would have some friends over. We’d eat, play and watch TV.Now that I have my own children, we do it similar way. We also try to hold birthday parties outdoor since we have many friends!

Last but not least, I’d love to share with you some free birthday printables, and a birthday song in Spanish from Spanish Playground and All Done Monkey’s birthday book. 

I truly hope you’ve enjoyed this virtual trip around the world and how birthdays are celebrated!  I’m planning little one’s birthday, and I’ve gotten some great ideas from this post.  

How do you celebrate your little one’s birthday? 
A huge thank you to all of the multicultural bloggers for your contribution to this post! 
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Chinese New Year Kid’s Culture Party

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Chinese New Year is celebration that goes on for fifteen days!  We celebrated by hosting a kids culture party!

Two years ago I had the pleasure of bringing a Chinese student into our home for our Chinese New Year cultural play date. This year, I didn’t have much luck! However, I went ahead and celebrated with little one, and his Spanish speaking friends.  Since I was already babysitting little one’s two Spanish speaking friends I went ahead and invited a classmate of his,  and her Mommy to join us, too.
We had lunch at our local Chinese restaurant. The kids tried new foods, and enjoyed looking at the large beautiful pictures of scenery from China.  After we had lunch we all headed to my house where we were going to have our Chinese New Year Kids Culture Party! We had story time, crafts, and, games.
A Little Mandarin. Chinese Children’s Classics played in the background as we were getting ready to learn about China, make a craft, and learn about the animal of the year.
We started talking about where China was located using the globe, and how far it was from our state. Then I had the older 2 kids read Happy Chinese New Year, Kai-lan! (Ni Hao, Kai-lan). We talked about the animal of the year which is the sheep/goat, and how depending on the year you were born you were an animal. The kids were laughing so hard, and enjoyed knowing which animal they were. We had rats, an ox, and a tiger. I passed out coloring pages with all of the animals and years on it.

For our craft we made a simple red lantern craft made out of craft foam with a chenille stem handle that was stapled on to it. Each child made their own.

As a parting gift, I gave each child a Chinese New Year red envelope with 4 quarters inside. Can you imagine the excitement on the children’s faces! You’d think I was giving them $100 dollars!  It is a tradition in Chinese culture to gift a red color envelope that symbolizes good luck and is supposed to ward off evil spirits.


This post is part of the Chinese New Year series and giveaway on +Multicultural Kid Blogs

Chinese New Year | Multicultural Kid Blogs
Giveaway begins Jan. 21 and goes through midnight ET on March 5, 2015. Enter below for a chance to win! Remember you can make a comment on the blog post of a different co-host each day for an additional entry.
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Three Kings Day Fiesta for Kids

Three Kings Day is a major celebration in our home as well as in many Latin American countries.  For us it is the culmination of the holiday festivities that kicked-off with Thanksgiving.
This post contains affiliate links if you click on the link, and if you make a purchase I will receive a small monetary compensation. Thank you! 
As in years past, we love to celebrate this day with little one’s friends. Letting them take part is a wonderful way to give them a little insight into our Latin holiday celebration.

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