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Kids Survivor Themed Birthday Party

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We are huge Survivor fans! So what better way to celebrate our son’s 6th birthday party with a Survivor theme!  Of course, this was my husband’s idea, and our child ran with it!!! Little one went crazy coming up with different challenges for the tribes, and ideas for his birthday. We did a lot of brainstorming, and of course, I scoured the internet looking for ideas.  
For the invitation I didn’t do anything fancy.  I created an event on Facebook with the details for the party. Since our son’s party is in July = major heat I planned to have the party from 10 a.m. – 12 noon. 
On the invite I had the following:   
  • Bring the kids in swimming gear! Bathing suits, swimming trunks, and an extra set of clothes. The kids will get wet! We’ll also have kiddie pools to beat the heat!
  • Make sure to read the welcome board to see what tribe you’re assigned to.
  • We will have an auction just like in Survivor, but with fake money! Have your kids brush up or practice simple math up to $20, and how to bid!
  • Last but not least, lunch will be served!  So let me know how many adults will be coming as well. 
  • Survivor! Outsmart, outlaugh, and outfun!!!! 

We had the party in our yard. It was set-up with the challenges, auction table, cake table, and a green swing decorated for the gifts.

I set-up two areas in the back yard with the tribe’s names (we went for simple) Red Tribe, and Blue Tribe. I printed the logo that I found on Chica and Jo’s website. I decorated a white poster board with the logo, and tiki cut-outs I found at the dollar store. Then I taped the poster board to the tiki torches.

Little one invited 18 of his friends. Upon arriving to the party each child was welcomed with a huge sign, and his or hers assigned tribe. Being the bilingual and multicultural familia that we are, the welcome sign was in both English, and Spanish as well as the “Feliz Cumpleaños” sign on the cake table.

We then grouped the children in to two tribes: Blue Tribe, and Red Tribe. Each one received a blue or red buff (bandanas) to use through out the party.   

Welcome sign! 

Cake table. It was raining in the morning so we set the table under the carport. Luckily it stopped raining and we took the table outside by the trees.

Gift swing!

We can’t have a party without a piñata!  Of course, I wanted a monkey, or some other jungle animal but my child insisted on having a bunny rabbit piñata! Yes!!! Well, it is his birthday so we went with his idea! 🙂 

To send this kids off, and being that it’s a Survivor party little one gave out the perfect party favor! Castaway Ocean Slime Party Favor!

Castaway Ocean Slime Party Favor. 
You’re probably wondering…What about the challenges? What games did the kids play? Stay tuned for an upcoming post on Kids Survivor party games.  
Do you and your family watch Survivor? 
¡Hasta la próxima! 
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Ocean Castaway Slime Birthday Party Favor

We’re big Survivor fans in our home, thus the theme for little one’s 6th birthday party!

As I searched through Pinterest looking for party favor ideas Bug and Buddy’s Ocean Slime Recipe caught my son’s attention.  The colorful blue slime with sea creatures on it was something that he wanted me to make for him.  My son was like, “Momma, I want you to make that!”  

I made a batch for him to play, and the rest to make the birthday party favors.  I must say, they came out nicely! However, please note that you should follow Bug and Buggy’s recipe as listed. I made a batch with a “generic” brand of glue, and it came out gloppy!  I used Elmer’s white glue, and it came out perfectly. 

Little one gave his friends the party favors with a little note saying: 

Thank you for…coming to my 6th Survivor birthday party! Have fun with the “Castaway Ocean Slime!” 

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Papier Maché Rabbit Piñata

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During little man’s past birthdays we’ve never really had a piñata. Shocker! I know! I guess I was intimidated by the whole papier maché method that I didn’t venture into trying it out. Until, I saw my wonderful friend Jody from Mud Hut Mama’s super, easy to do papier maché leopard piñata
Since we’re doing a Survivor theme, yes, like the reality show Survivor. I thought we can make a jungle animal piñata so it can go with the theme. Both hubby, and little one are huge fans of the show!

But, instead my child insisted on a bunny rabbit!!! I was like really? Daddy tried to persuade him but he was adamant that he wanted a bunny rabbit. Of course, it’s his birthday….so a rabbit piñata was in the works. 
I followed Jody’s instructions to a tee! I read her post like 10 times before we ventured into making the piñata, and this is the result! This was a collaborative effort between my child and I; and I must say that it came out nice. Little man loves it!!!
We used a recycled fruit pouch cap as the nose, for the ears and teeth I used craft foam, and we glued googly eyes. We used pipe cleaners for the whiskers, and of course, cotton balls! 
The process was quite messy, but fun!!!

The really fun part was painting it, and turning the hardened papier maché into a bunny rabbit!

This is such a cute piñata that you can use for birthdays or even Spring and Easter celebrations.

Can’t wait to share with you our Survivor birthday ideas, and no I don’t think we’ll have anymore rabbits! 🙂

VeggieTales Movie Premier Party

I had the opportunity to host a fun-filled party for 13 of my son’s friends! Counting the adults we had 29 guests! We had a great turn-out!   

Movie Premier 

We kicked off the party with the movie premier of the VeggieTales Fennel Frontier movie! Every child that came in was given a special badge with a mask, and a cup of popcorn.  I was surprised on how “quiet” and “still” all the children remained! Considering we had 13 children from ages 2 through 7 yrs. old.  The movie has a beautiful lesson of sharing, and caring.  It was funny (the kids were laughing), and even the adults enjoyed it since it had some of the Star Trek humor.  After the movie, we all got our group picture then returned inside the house for some VeggieTales treats. 
VeggieTales Menu
Of course, if we’re having a VeggieTales party we must have veggies as well! Now we also had some yummy treats for the kiddos as well: 
Veggie chips in baggies  
Corn chips in baggies and salsa in small cups  
Baby carrots dip in ranch dressing
Fruit platter (pears/bananas)
Spice cupcakes 
Carrot shaped pumpkin cookies
Hummus and pita chips 
Popcorn bags 
Vegetable platters (cherry tomatoes, sweet peppers, & broccoli) 
Tossed green salad 
Spinach tortilla wraps 
VeggieTales Activities 

After both kids, and adults ate. We split the children in to two groups! I had a station with crayons, paper plate planet fun copies, plates, and glue. The kids were to color their own planets!
The other station had dirt, seeds, shovels, markers, and popsicle sticks.  They were to plant the vegetable seeds of their choice. They had fun getting dirt, and seeds to plant.   
VeggieTales Photo Shoot 

To close the party we had a fun photo shoot, and we gave each kid their very own special VeggieTale goody bag. 

In the past, I’ve hosted several parties with House Party.  This one was for the premier of the VeggieTales Fennel Frontier movie! I applied to host, and was selected!  They sent me a party pack with the DVD movie,  masks, coupons, bracelets, activity sheets, posters, event poster, discount coupons,  and stickers. All I had to do was invite some friends over, and have a party! 
So you’re probably asking what is House Party?  House Party gives us the opportunity to try out for free, products or services from sponsored brands.   Their goal is for you to share with your friends their products by hosting a party in your home. They provide the freebies, and you take care of the rest!  
For more information, you can go here, and check out the upcoming parties, and apply for one.  If you’re selected to host they’ll send you the goodies!  Once you’re selected they ask that you complete a number of activities as well as upload a group photo to your home party page. 
This is a sponsored post.  I just really love House Party, and the opportunities it gives us to host parties with freebies! 
Hope you enjoyed the party! Have you hosted with House Party before? Or have you had a VeggieTales party?  
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Our 3rd Jumping into Fall Kiddie Costume Party!

Fall is here, and it’s time for our Annual Jumping Into Fall Costume Party! This year will be our 3rd year celebrating, and I have to say that it wouldn’t be possible without the amazing group of mommy friends that I have! This year I reserved a shelter with picnic tables in our local playground for free!  This party took months of planning, and organizing. (With our busy schedules we needed to agree on a date that would work).  The day of the party the weather was simply beautiful.  It was filled with crafts, games, goodies, and food! 

I designated two tables for crafts. One of them was the “decorate your own pumpkin” but in reality they were navel oranges. The kids really enjoyed themselves, and I had permanent markers so they can write their names on it. 
We had the other table set-up for “coloring your own place mats” & decorating paper plates with colored rice. 
After craft time we had two games: the egg race where the kids were paired by twos, and some of the mommies played, too! The other game the kids were grouped by boys, and girls.  In this game they had to line up in a line, and the last one on the line had to fill a sponge with water pass it down to the first one in the line, and he/she would squeeze the sponge, and fill a cup. They had to pass it back and forth until the cup was full of water. This game was so much fun! 
After having so much fun with the games it was time to recharge batteries, and fill-up those very hungry tummies. Following a prayer of grace the mommies fixed the plates for the little ones.  Food was a potluck, and everyone brought something: hot dogs with chilli, chicken, yellow rice, chicken nuggets, fruits, cup cakes, cheese, crackers, chips, juice, and more!

We had plenty of food! Both kids & adults were well fed. I have to say the display of food was amazing! 

To make our party fun, and in lieu of the “trick or treating” we have each mom make treat or goody bags for each child. During the party they are passed out, and the kids have a ball!!! I love how original and different each treat/goody bag was! We had such a variety of goodies, and treats that has brought oodles, and oodles of smiles in our kids.  
As you can see in the pictures the children, and adults alike had so much fun!  We’re already looking forward to next year’s 4th Annual Jumping Into Fall Costume Party. If you’d like to check out last year’s party click here.  
How do you celebrate Fall? If you like this post please, comment, like, share or pin!  
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Angry Birds Birthday

Since we’re celebrating little man’s birthday in Puerto Rico we had a small birthday lunch celebration with his friends at summer camp.  It was an all Angry Birds theme:  pizza, cake, and party favors.
Little man was certainly surprised! As you can tell in the picture below. 🙂
My baby was so happy, and very excited!  He celebrated with his friends at summer camp, and they all sang happy birthday to him.

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Angry Birds Pizza and Cake

We celebrated little man’s birthday with a lunch at his summer camp.  We had an Angry Birds pizza, and an “improv” Angry Birds birthday cake. I had a young lady make Angry Birds cake pops. However, my mind was set on having a cake, too. So I decorated a smaller cake that I purchased at our local grocery store with some of the cake pops. The result? I love it, and so did my baby!  Each child had a cake pop, and my baby had his very own Angry Birds cake. 🙂

The Angry Birds pizza was an idea that  I found on Pinterest, and for the life of me I couldn’t find the original source since it’s been pinned and repinned.

Anywho, I contacted a local pizzeria, and showed up with the picture in hand for them to make it.    I must say I love it! The eyes are made out of provolone cheese, the beak out of cheddar cheese, and the eyes and eyebrows with black olives. Love it! 

All in all, I was very pleased on how both Angry Birds cake and pizza turned out. My son loved it, and his friends enjoyed it! 
Next post will be about the birthday lunch! 
¡Hasta luego! 
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Angry Birds Party Favors

Little man is a huge Angry Birds fan! He even came up with the idea of making his own do-it-yourself Angry Birds craft! So of course, with an upcoming birthday he asked for it to be with an Angry Birds theme. I had been pondering on whether or not to go with his request,  since we’re actually going to celebrate his birthday in Puerto Rico with his little cousin this summer. However, I couldn’t resist the idea of having a small celebration with his friends at the summer camp. 

For the favors I used buckets that I purchased last year during the end of summer clearance for 50 cents! I had them stashed away in the closet wondering what to do with them, until I found a free Angry Birds template for balloons on-line here. Ah! I was excited!  I printed and glued them on the buckets. 

I also purchased at the dollar store the Angry Bird Freezer Bars for only $1!  I used the boxes to make the party tags, and the Angry Birds puppets. 🙂 I also printed on a business card template 2 pictures of Angry Birds with my son’s name, and his age for the party tag. 
Inside the party favor buckets the children had Angry Bird freezer bars, Angry Bird graham crackers, Angry Birds gummies and jelly bean (wrapped in the shovel). I also included the Angry Birds puppets, crayons, a small coloring book, and Gazz-It!.  (Reusable modeling foam that I also purchased last year on clearance for 25 cents each!).  Then I used a ribbon for the Angry Bird party tags to tie on the side of the bucket. 

It didn’t cost much, and I’m sure the kids will love the Angry Bird buckets party favors!  Next post will be about the pizza and cake! 🙂 
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Easter & Spring Playdate

I get just as excited as my 4 yr. old when it comes to playdates, and this one is no exception! We had an Easter and Spring playdate at our local playground. It was a beautiful & windy day, but the kids braved out the wind, and had tons of fun! 
Photo credit:  Wilder Photography & Publishing
I always like to read a story to kick-off a playdate! It gives the playdate a theme, and the children love storytime! One of the moms volunteered to read the book:  Follow the Bunny.

After storytime we had the children play a game of tag with the “cascarones!”  I explained to them what to do, and even volunteered to be the first to have an egg cracked over my head!

I gave an egg  to each one, and told them: “Let the game of tag with “cascarones” begin!  At the count of three run!” Whoever was tagged had the egg crushed over their heads, and there was  a shower of colorful rice coming down their heads!

Photo credit:  Wilder Photography & Publishing
Photo credit:  Wilder Photography & Publishing
Photo credit:  Wilder Photography & Publishing
Photo credit:  Wilder Photography & Publishing

The kids had a ball cracking the “cascarones” over each other! It was so much fun, even one of the moms got an egg cracked over her head!

Photo credit:  Wilder Photography & Publishing

Photo credit:  Wilder Photography & Publishing

Photo credit:  Wilder Photography & Publishing
Photo credit:  Wilder Photography & Publishing

After running around, and playing we had a wind down time. I had small little baskets filled with chocolate, and gummies for each one, and a juice drink.  Little one felt special handing them out, since he was helping Mommy.  🙂

Photo credit:  Wilder Photography & Publishing
Photo credit:  Wilder Photography & Publishing

One of the moms surprised the kiddos with the cutest bunny cake pop!  Her daughter also helped pass them out to the rest of the children.

Now isn’t this cute!!! 
These kids are like the Energizer bunny, they go on, and on, and on! (Have you seen the commercial   LOL)  After the snack break, they took off to play some more in the play area. 

It was indeed a fun playdate, and the adults enjoyed themselves as well.  A special thanks to all of the parents for making this happen, and especially to Wilder Photography & Publishing for the awesome pictures! 

What fun things have you been up to during this Easter and Spring season? Please share, comment, like or pin! 
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Our 2nd Jumping into Fall Kiddie Costume Party!

I love Fall, the cool weather, the changing colors in the leaves, and of course, it’s the perfect time to have a costume party!  What better way than to celebrate it with my mommy friends and their children to kick-off the Fall season!  
For the party we had craft and sensory activities set-up in different stations so the children can work at their own pace.  One of the stations was “decorate your own nature jar” followed by a nature scavenger hunt. The scavenger hunt was fun because even the parents were out and about looking and helping their kiddos find the items listed.  I even added a few non-nature items, too! (Got them thinking hard!)
My wonderful friend Tasha and her son Jasper brought a cool sensory craft:  pumpkin cut-outs and colored pasta. They even brought crayons for the kids to color their pumpkins (just in case they didn’t want to use the pasta, but the kids loved gluing the pasta!).  While they were sitting, she asked about the shapes of the pasta, and even the shapes on the pumpkin cut-outs, and they were all very eager to answer. She put glue on the cut-outs and they placed the pasta on the pumpkin cut-out. It was an engaging, sensory and fun craft.
I also had a coloring station with a recycled baby wipe dispenser with crayons, markers, pencils and a  Nick Jr. Fall Coloring Pack that I printed  for them to color.  The coloring packs were theirs to keep.
The children also had the opportunity to play in the back yard. They played with balls, got on the swing, went down the slide, and played in the turtle sand box.
Before the party ended we had a goody/treat exchange. Each Mom brought a personalized goody/treat bag for each child to exchange with their friends, and oh boy they had some yummy sweet and healthy treats.


“Flying through the air we had “The Bumble Bee”, and “The Butterfly.” “Spongebob” came out of his pineapple house under the sea, and “Luigi” left Mario to play games. Meowing, and purring were the “Kittens”, the “Dinosaur” was growling away! The red “M&M” was a tempting treat to eat, but “Spiderman” and  “The Iron Man” came to save the day!”

Nature Scavenger Hunt!            
Collecting their prize. 🙂 

This is the kid’s prize for finding everything listed for the nature scavenger hunt. 
Fun Play In The Yard!
Decorate Your Own Jar.

My son’s finished nature jars. 🙂 

Sensory Craft: Decorate a Pumpkin with Dyed Macaroni.
Coloring Station:
Goody Bag Exchange:

The brown bag was a creative and original creation of my good friend Courtney, the center picture was little ones’ goody bag for his friends, and of course after the party he was checking his goodies/treat stash!  🙂 
This was such a great party filled with crafts, games and treats! However, it wouldn’t have been possible without my amazing and creative Mommy/Daddy friends! We had some home-made cookies, made from scratch yummy strawberry swirl/cream cheese pound cake, a crafty Mom who took charge of the pumpkin/dyed macaroni sensory activity, delish meatballs, a mommy who made personalized brown paper bag with leaves and all! A Daddy who took off to buy jars for the kids who didn’t have any jars to decorate, and all the other Mommies that brought snacks, and treats! :))) You guys rock!!! Thank you!!! 
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