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Summer Challenge: 30 Spanish Children’s Books in 30 Days


With summer coming up that means one thing (besides lots of free time) it also means kids will have a decline in reading and learning activities throughout these months.

I’ll be honest every subject including our Spanish reading takes a back-burner during these months. That’s why I’ve come up with a summer challenge to read 30 Spanish children’s book in 30 days! My jaw just dropped because I haven’t even fathomed such a feat with my tween. His mind is already on summer vacay!

Nonetheless, I’m going to make this happen and would love for you to join us. You can start this challenge at any-time during the summer months but the catch is that you have to do it for 30-days!

First thing you need to do is pick 30 books that you’ll read together. I’m going to look through our home library and choose 30 books. If you don’t have 30 books you can always check books out at the library. Put the books in a basket or box and visible. I’m stacking ours on the ottoman in the living room. Remember out of sight, out of mind (even if you see them every day on your bookshelf) Am I right? LOL

Second, write a list of books. As you read them you can check them off the list or you can write the names of the books on the calendar. I’ve created a sign (to put over or on top of your books), a list to write the books, and calendars for you to print.

Third, commit and have fun reading with your kids! As you read you can put stickers on the calendar or list. You can also reward your kids! Use your imagination. The most important thing is that your kids read in español.

If you participate would love for you to use the hashtag
#librosniñosespañol from my new Instagram account I will repost and share on Instastories on both this account and my main account at

Join the fun, and let’s read libros de niños en español this summer!

Click below for your free printables!

Calendar from June 2019 – August 2019

Summer reading calendar

Summer reading sign (light for less ink-use)

Summer reading sign (darker color uses more ink)

Summer challenge blank reading list

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Spanish Resources for Kids



Thanks to technology and the worldwide web we have at our fingertips tons of resources on raising a bilingual child.  For instance, in my case I am raising my child to be bilingual in Spanish.  When I started our language learning adventure I scoured the web for resources, and many of the links listed here are blogs that I follow and admire.  With that being said,  I’m truly excited to share with you my favorite links on Spanish resources for kids.

I’ve broken down this post in various sections: Songs in Spanish, vowels, preschool, early elementary and elementary for easy access. Read More…

Spanish Thanksgiving Activities

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Spanish Songs for Kids – Multicultural Kid Blogs

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I love Hispanic Heritage Month! We celebrate the contributions of Hispanics and Latino Americans in the United States, the music, the food, and the culture.
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Speaking of music I am thrilled to share with you a post I wrote for Multicultural Kid Blogs on Spanish songs for kids to celebrate throughout this month.  

That is why I’m so happy to share our favorites with you on Multicultural Kid Blogs! Pssst make sure you scroll all the way to the bottom, and participate in the awesome giveway! Follow Frances @ DTWTMSE’s board Hispanic Heritage Month on Pinterest.