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New Orleans Road Trip with Kids

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This post is the first installment of a three-part series Road Trip with Kids, and we’re visiting the deep South.

First stop is New Orleans.

We’ve been to New Orleans twice before. First time we flew in when little man was smaller. This time around we actually drove to Louisiana.  Mom came from Puerto Rico, and we hit the road.

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40 Things to do with Kids in Puerto Rico


Puerto Rico is a beautiful destination to go on vacation or during the holidays. All year-long you will enjoy tropical weather! Even during the “winter” months with it being a little bit cooler (low 70’s in the evenings and high 80’s during the day) it is still the perfect destination to go with kids!

The best part is that you don’t need a passport to visit the beautiful island of Puerto Rico! Here are 40 things you can do with kids:

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Puerto Rico Art Murals

One of the highlights of our past trip to Puerto Rico was actually taking the time to enjoy our surroundings. Normally, when we are on vacation we’re on such a time constraint, and rushing through everything.
In one of our outings, and while looking for a playground for little one in Barceloneta, Puerto Rico we came across these beautiful murals.
Barceloneta is located in the north region, bordering the Atlantic Ocean, north of Florida, east of Arecibo, and west of Manatí.
The murals are located on Carretera 681 in Barceloneta, right across the Teatro Ernesto Ramos Antonini.

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Libros Libres (Free Books) Puerto Rico

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I first heard of Libros Libres (Free Books) in Puerto Rico via a friend’s Facebook feed.  The concept is similar to Little Free Library but it wasn’t just a small looking type mail box. It was a wall with milk crates fixated onto them full of books, tons of them!
Libros Libres  started in June of 2015.  Their main goal was to revive communities that were abandoned, so  neighbors can walk freely, trusting the streets that were once abandoned to be able to exchange conversations, and share one thing in common a love for literacy and books.

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Native American Cherokee Trail River Festival

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The weather was cool, and the sun was shining. A beautiful day indeed to visit our very first Native American Cherokee Trail River Festival. Upon our arrival we can see the tents set-up with Native American crafts, walking sticks, dreamcatchers, and more. An arena was set in a center circle surrounded by hay bales, and we heard a Native American storyteller accompanied by the beautiful music of the flute.
We were excited to have the opportunity to learn about the Native American culture and heritage.

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My Little Puerto Rican “Jibaro” and the Children’s International Costume Party

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This year my sweet little boy was representing the other half of his cultural identity: a Puerto Rican Jíbaro. My heart swelled up with pride as I saw him march in the parade held at the children’s international costume party waving his Puerto Rican flag. 
My Little Puerto Rican “Jibaro” 
I was so excited when I found out about this event hosted by the organizers of the annual international festival we visited  last year, and this year.  The event was free provided the children dressed in traditional attire representing their country.  The costume party was held in a children’s museum, and the children could play and parade in their traditional attire from around the world. 
Little one was dressed as a “jíbaro.” So you may be asking yourself what is a “jíbaro”?  A jíbaro is a man from the country side who lived and worked in the field; who supported his family by harvesting sugar cane, coffee beans, banana trees, among other root vegetables, and fruits. The attire is a straw hat made out of dried palm leaves to protect from the sun, white clothing to keep them cool from the hot weather, with a scarf, and belt made out of the same fabric.

Children’s International Costume Party  
Now back to the international costume party! Little one was joined by his Spanish playgroup friends. The girls were dressed in Guatemalan dresses.  All three of them played, and explored the museum. It was an awesome cultural opportunity to meet children representing many countries across the world. You can sense the pride, and joy of each child and their family members. 
After the parade we enjoyed a Filipino and Aztec children’s dance.  Then the children participated in a roll call of all of the countries. When Puerto Rico was called, and little one stepped up to the stage to say his name and what country he was representing I was elated!  We then enjoyed dinner and refreshments; and the children were sent off with a gift. We’re definitely looking forward to next year’s children’s international costume party!   
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International Festival – A Cultural Learning Experience Featuring The Philippines

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It’s that time of the year again, where we have the wonderful opportunity to explore the world under one roof at Columbia’s International Festival.  This year’s theme country was The Philippines    The festival is a celebration of music, culture, and food from around the world; bringing different countries, and people together in one place. 

We were welcomed with a huge sign that has the word Mabuhay! This is used to welcome visitors arriving in the Philippines, and this was welcoming us to the international festival.

Flag picture via Commons Wikimedia

This year we were there when the doors opened! We visited various exhibitors, and came home with lots of goodies from around the world! We later took a stroll and visited Japan, Indonesia, Switzerland, Ecuador, Taiwan, Russia, Syria, Iraq, Australia, Myanmar, Israel, and India.

One of the performances that we sat down to enjoy was a Samoan performance.

You could easily spend the entire day at the festival!  There were so many other countries featured, and they had an area for the food.  We didn’t stay all day because I had a movie date with my 6 yr. old. 

I was also thrilled to have the opportunity to buy hand-crafted items from different countries, and came home with some goodies! This is truly a cultural learning experience for both of us, and we are looking forward to next year’s festival.

Last year’s theme country Brazil you can read all about it here