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Kid-Friendly Vacation in Puerto Rico

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Puerto Rico is a small island in the Caribbean rich with history, culture, and tropical weather all-year long.  While vacationing in Puerto Rico there was so much to do, and very little time. So we squeezed as much as we could in a two weeks time frame.

From enjoying the beautiful beach of Flamenco, and learning about the history, and culture of Culebra, to checking out my Mom’s hometown in Florida, and  taking a look at the schools in Puerto Rico.  I was also on a quest to learn more about our Taíno ancestry and we visited the famous Cara del Indio.

Now, please sit back, and enjoy this two  part series of our kid-friendly vacation in Puerto Rico.  With a 5 yr. old in tow, and with a strict budget we focused on kid-friendly, and frugal outings to do with our child.

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Summer Road Trip to East Central Florida (Daytona Beach, Ormond Beach and Cape Canaveral)


Ever since we returned from our trip last year to Puerto Rico, my son has been begging for us to take him to the beach! Living in an area with no beaches it was hard to comply with his wishes. Nonetheless, summer was here, and thanks to both hubby, and my in-law for winning a free weekend get-away we were able to hit the road and go to Florida!

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Road Trip Busy Boxes

This summer we’re gearing up for three road trips!!! We’re excited, and looking forward to making memories. So we checked out this book at the library The Night Before Summer Vacation by Natasha Wing. It’s a fun story of the craziness, and excitement when getting ready for a road trip. My son loved it, and was laughing throughout the story.
However, even with all the excitement and anticipation for our road trips. I still need to keep my soon-to-be 6 yr. old busy during hours of long drive on the road. I made “road trip” busy boxes with recycled boxes! Reduce, reuse, & recycle! For little one’s road trip busy boxes, we have Spanish activities, geography, games, and more!

The 1st road trip busy box is a Spanish summer busy box. It includes a Spanish summer sticker book, mini-books with Spanish vocabulary building words, crayons to color; and we’ll use the tablet to read  Lucas en un Día en la Playa from Kids Yoga Stories. This book is perfect since we’ll be visiting the beach during one of the the road trips. I reviewed it last year, and it’s been one of my son’s favorite books! I also decorated the box with some pictures I printed from the e-book.
 The 2nd road trip busy box is about geography. Road map, USA puzzle, Little Passport field guide, & USA scratch book. Kid World Citizen has a post on using Google maps to “map” your road trips! Simply brilliant! I used that to decorate the box, and included in the box a puzzle for him to do, as well as Little Passport’s field guide, and the USA scratch book.
The 3rd road trip busy box is a simple one with games. Luckily for me in last year’s summer clearance I found pads of auto bingo, and tic-tac-toe (for 10 cents!). We’ll be playing with these during the road trip. I also included a Spot it! On the Road travel toy from Chic-Fil-A’s kids meal,  and a Wooly Willy that I bought for him to play.
For the 4th road trip busy box I used the book, and activity that I received from our participation in the 2014 Love Books Summer Exchange. (I’ll be writing a separate post on the contents, and activity). I also added two ducks, and made streets out of the inside of the box. As the element of surprise I included the mini cars wrapped in brown paper for him to unwrap, and play!
Of course, for our road trip we have a portable DVD player, Spanish children’s audio books, and his Nabi tablet.  The last box that I put together had glue stick, blank sheets of papers, markers, stickers, kiddie scissors, lacing cards, and sequence cards for him to create, play, and draw. (Not pictured).
Hopefully these road trip busy boxes will help him keep busy, having fun, and learning at the same time!

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Christmas at Pirates Voyage Dinner Attraction, Myrtle Beach, SC

The Pirates Voyage Dinner Attraction has a a commercial that comes on T.V. almost every night. Our 5 yr. old tells me he saw a commercial at Grandma’s house about a pirate show with Santa, toys, baby Jesus, and animals at Myrtle Beach; and he wanted us to take him there.  But I had yet to see the commercial. I was clueless as to what he was talking about but he kept asking to go. Until one day while at home the commercial comes on. He literally jumps from the sofa, and starts yelling, “Momma, Momma there it is!” At last! I was finally able to see the very colorful, and lively show promoting the true spirit of Christmas. 

After looking on-line I found a good deal with hotel stay for us to go! We didn’t tell little one anything until we got there, and boy was he happy!  On the weekend of Thanksgiving we made the trip to Myrtle Beach, SC, and my in-laws joined us.  
I have to admit that we thoroughly enjoyed the show! The food was great, and the show was breathtaking! You traveled through time with Captain Scrooge, and the mystical spirit of Christmas.  We saw toys come to life, Santa Claus, Mary and Joseph on a donkey, and the Three Kings in search of the new born king. 
I used this opportunity to reiterate with little one that Christmas wasn’t all about Santa. As Joseph and Mary held the baby (not a real one) announcing that Jesus was born I told him that is why we celebrated Christmas. We also talked about the Three Wise Men bringing gifts to baby Jesus; and how we too, celebrate that holiday on January 6th
It was such a great get-away, and I wish we would have been able to stay longer in Myrtle Beach. However, it was really cold; and we were returning to work on the following day.  

How did you spend Thanksgiving weekend? Please comment below. 🙂 
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Kids on the Go! Zoo (Guest Post on Glittering Muffins)

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Everyone knows that I’m all about discovering the world through my son’s eyes, and that means visiting fun, kid friendly places.

When I found out that Glittering Muffins has an on-going series called “Kids on the Go!” I quickly jumped on it!  The series helps other parents discover kid friendly outings (around the world) from another parent’s personal review and experience.

With that being said, I’m excited to share a my guest post on the Riverbanks Zoo and Garden  on Glittering Muffins’ series called “Kids on the Go!”  Until my next review for Kids on the Go!  Later!

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Strawberry fun!

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Spring is over, and summer is nearly gone. One of the fun things that we love to do as a family is go strawberry picking during spring time!  This is such a great activity to do with little one, since it will show him an important lesson of where strawberries come from, and learn how to make strawberry freezer jam. The recipe that I’m going to share with you is such a fun and easy recipe to do! Sure to please your little one’s curiosity in the kitchen. Little one certainly enjoyed it! 

Strawberry Freezer Jam 
Makes 3 (8 oz. mason jars)

  • 1 2/3 cup(s) strawberries 
  • 2/3 cup(s) sugar 
  • 2 tbs instant pectin 

Instructions:    Mix 2 tablespoons of instant pectin and 2/3 c. sugar. Add mashed strawberries and stir for 3 minutes. Let stand for 30 mins. Refrigerate 3 weeks, and freeze for 1 yr.

We made a total of 15 mason jars of strawberry freezer jam!

Look at these beautiful strawberries! Yummm! 

I wash (more of a rinse through water) and then I hull them with a straw. 

Then little helps mashing them up. 

The final product! Delicious, nutritious strawberry freezer jam! 

Can’t wait until next Spring!  Gardening season, and strawberry picking.

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