Letter To Our Son: Celebrating Your 1st Birthday (2009)

**In 2 months little man turns 5! So I’m doing a count down to his 5th birthday by writing a letter to him on each birthday he has celebrated. This is his 1st birthday letter.**

Dear son: 

I wish I had written this letter to you when you turned one. However, it is never too late to write a letter to la luz de mis ojos (your Abuela always calls me that, and now I’m calling you the same).   I can’t recall a lot of details from your first year,  but I can vividly remember the day we celebrated your first year. 
Having been born in the US, and being away from our extended family in Puerto Rico was a good enough reason to have your first celebration in La Isla del Encanto.  There was so much excitement, and anticipation that la familia was overjoyed that we were going to celebrate your big one in Puerto Rico! Our extended family from New York also came to Puerto Rico to celebrate with you: your god parents, your cousin, and your grandparents.  

We had you smash your birthday cake, but you weren’t too thrilled about it.
Though when both Daddy and I licked your fingers, you were tickled! 

Your 1st birthday party was a BBQ/pool party with a sports theme.  We had a small gathering with friends, and family. Your Tio and Titi had graciously offered their home to celebrate your birthday. It was a  beautiful day under the sun; although it rained it didn’t ruin the party and the fun. Your Daddy had the grill going with pork chops, chicken, hot dogs, and burgers. Of course, he also had his famous BBQ sauce. Your Abuela made some yummy arroz con gandules, and we also had chips, baked beans a perfect combination of Southern and Puerto Rican cuisine.

Top left: After the party was over we had you open up all your gifts. You seem to like the dinosaur to scratch your gums.  Top right: Daddy working on the grill.  Bottom left: your two Tíos & Grandpa, and bottom right:  your cousin. 
Top pictures: Group picture of all of the family, and friends. Bottom left: You played in the pool with your oldest cousin. Bottom right: Your titi, and I!

Your 1st birthday was special, and we all had a blast! When you had your first dip in the pool, you didn’t even cry! You had sooooo much fun! You’re the youngest of all your cousins, the youngest grand baby on my side (back then because you know have a baby cousin), and the only grand baby on your Daddy’s side. You’re so loved, and everyone was there to celebrate your big day!

During our stay in Puerto Rico you went to beach for the first time ever. Sadly enough it was a cloudy, and rainy day. So we didn’t stay for long.

We also celebrated your prima’s Sweet 15, and it was a grand party!  We visited the caves in Camuy. Although, you weren’t very thrilled about the darkness en las cuevas. While sitting in the your stroller, you stretched out your little arm, and I held your little hand all through the tour. We did a little bit of sight seeing, and visited some friends. 
You may not remember your first birthday, or our trip to Puerto Rico so I hope that this letter, and pictures will serve as a reminder of what a wonderful day it was; and how truly loved you are! 
You’re our sunshine, and both your Daddy and I are so immensely happy to have you in our lives. 
Te amo mi niño lindo, la luz de mis ojos, mi príncipe hermoso and my little munchkin! Never forget that!  Happy 1st birthday! 
Your Mommy and Daddy 
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6 Responses to “Letter To Our Son: Celebrating Your 1st Birthday (2009)”

  1. Ahhhh, so sweet. Your son is so so so adorable. Look at those curly locks.

    Ahhh, it reminds me of my sons first birthday. Yeah, we didn't have such elaborate good food – but good times!

    They grow so fast, don't they? it just seems like yesterday I was pushing him out.

  2. Thank you so much! In 2 months little man turns 5! So I'm doing a count down to his 5th birthday by writing a letter to him on each birthday he has celebrated. This is his 1st birthday letter.

  3. Thank you so much! In 2 months little man turns 5! So I'm doing a count down to his 5th birthday by writing a letter to him on each birthday he has celebrated. This is his 1st birthday letter.

  4. What gorgeous one year old he was – can you believe he is now a little man! This is such a sweet letter Frances. It will be so nice for him to look back on these when he is older. I can't wait to read the next installment.

  5. I’m so proud of being your titi. It’s something that many people may not understand, the love I feel for you and for that I’m grateful and happy to be part of your family. Ahhh!!! Your first year was priceless and I enjoyed it very much, it was celebrated in Puerto Rico. I was really happy to play with you in the pool and appreciate every moment we were together. Your second birthday I flew all the way from P.R to S.C. had a good one too, your third birthday party was celebrated in a hotel in Florida. I've been almost able to share with you all the years of your life. Except last year I wasn't able to assist to your 4th birthday party at Monkey Joe’s but at least my mom was able to be there. Last year unfortunately couldn't make it but I deeply inside had you in my heart and in my thoughts. Looking forward to celebrate your (5th)fifth birthday party which I know we are going to enjoy and even more fun because it’s going to be double the party and double the fun.

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